It’s Just Breakfast

Relax... it's just breakfast

“Its Just Breakfast” is a term I learned a few years ago from a fellow colleague. Her husband worked as a GM for a local hotel in town. A couple of his employees (middle-aged women), were arguing over the breakfast buffet, and how it should be set up. In the middle of jam packets being thrown, and orange juice about to be poured, he broke up the women’s argument, and yelled “It’s just breakfast ladies… it’s just breakfast”!

I’ve held this story close to my heart over the past several years since hearing it. I myself, have used this term with my own colleagues, my family and friends… whenever something seems to hit the fan, I tell myself “it’s just breakfast”… if it’s not going to matter in 6 months, then why am I allowing it to bother me now? Yes, things happen that require us to act, resolve, fix…however, why do we let it get under our skin?

The next time something seems to be veering off course in your life, ask yourself the question, “will this even matter in 6 months”, smile and say “it’s just breakfast”. Squash it, and move on to the next meal in your day 🙂


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