Grow, Cut & Donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths

Grow, Cut & Donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
Grow, Cut & Donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

I just keep telling myself it will grow back.

The 2015 ball dropped and I knew it was going to be a big year.  It started out like most years…this will be the year to lose weight, lead a healthier lifestyle, be more present with my family etc… But I knew I wanted to do a little bit more. Perhaps this would be the year that I stick to my guns and follow through with my empty little promises to myself? So, I added blogging and donating my hair to the list. Well, I’m month #2 into it, and I can say that I’m 2 for 2! Wahooo (golf clap?).

For 2015, I decided that I needed a change, and that donating my hair was a good idea. I did not share this resolution with many people-to be honest, I thought I was going to chicken out…. but I knew it was something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Since my son was born, I may have had 3 hair cuts (IN THREE YEARS)! I was shooting for the picturesque mermaid length hair… not sure if that’s how it came across in “real life”. LOL!

I mustered up the courage to make the hair appointment. I went in with the idea of donating, however, I wasn’t going to make the call for sure until I was sitting in the salon chair. I talked to my amazing stylist and before I knew it, my hair was being pulled back into two low ponytails, and SNIP, POOF, there went 10.5 inches of hair. I instantly felt a weight lift off of my shoulders-probably the hair, but I also felt refreshed, renewed, reborn. For years, I hid behind my hair-it became my identity, but with one quick snip of the shears, it changed everything.

I researched several organizations who accept hair donations. I decided on Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. I chose this amazing organization because I’ve stood by several family members and friends who have had to fight for their life to battle this nasty monster of a disease.

I am beyond thrilled with the results of the new style-and even more thrilled that I received my acceptance letter yesterday from Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. Pantene sent a beautiful letter, informing me that my hair will be included in a donation.

On behalf of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths, with heartfelt appreciation, we thank you for giving so selflessly to women who are faced with hair loss from cancer treatment.

Your healthy ponytail will help give self confidence back to a special woman who is battling cancer so that she can flight the disease with a little more dignity. Your generosity is touching, and we hope it will inspire many others to make the kindest cut of all.

As you may already know, it takes roughly six ponytails to make one Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig. Your donation will be joined with five others and transformed into a high quality, real-hair wig by HairUWear, our campaign partner and the leading global producer of real-hair wigs and extensions.

We are also honored to work closely with the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society distributes Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs at no cost to female cancer patients through its extensive network of nationwide wig banks. If you are interested in finding out more about this program and the incredible difference that it is making, please visit

Together, we can help bring some joy into the lives of women living with cancer.

Kind Regards,

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

I cried as I read the letter out loud to my husband. It was my proud, warm fuzzy, feel good moment to know that I would be helping out a woman, who is going through the fight of her life. I believe women are beautiful with or without hair, beauty comes from within. However, I’m hoping that I could give someone a bit of “normalcy” during a time when life feels anything but normal.

I encourage anyone who has ever thought about donating their hair to do so. After all,  it’s just hair… it will grow back… it’s just a hair cut…. it’s just breakfast.


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