5 Things To Do With Your Toddler In Seacoast NH When The Snowbanks Are Too High To See Over

snow covered swing and slide at playground in winter

By now, you’re probably as sick of the snow as every Tom, Dick and Harry you pass along the street-now, magnify this “inconvenience” by 1000x, having a toddler. These littles do not understand the logic on why we can’t go outside if it’s -20 degree windchill. Nope, these littles are very irrational creatures who border on the line of exploding if they cannot get their energy out before nap time (if you’re lucky enough that your little still naps). Well, my friends, my little and I have frequented enough of the play areas up and down the Seacoast, and have developed the first of a series of blog posts that will review our most frequented destinations. Enjoy!

1. Seacoast United Toddler Time: The indoor soccer field opens their doors every weekday from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. for little ones (7 & under) to run on one of their many indoor soccer fields. For $5/child, your kiddo can go wild- run around the field, jump in two inflatable bouncy houses, bowl with giant bowling pins & balls, kick soccer balls or play with the many tents and tunnels. I love this place! It provides a safe environment (the field is enclosed with a giant wall around the entire field) allowing for your little one to run free and not be in any danger. My little asks to go to soccer all of the time… and I enjoy that he can get all of his energy out there vs. bouncing off the walls of our home. For more information, check out the Seacoast United Soccer website

2. Rumble Tumble: Rumble Tumble (RT) indoor gym is a favorite in our household. Littles can enjoy bouncing on trampolines, practicing on the balance beam, climbing on many of the foam shape mats. The indoor gym also offers a gigantic enclosed climbing structure filled with tunnels, different pathways and a large slide at the end of it. If basketball bouncing or toy car riding is more of your little’s thing, RT also offers a basketball court complete with ride-on scooters, wagons and bouncy balls. If your little has a smaller sibling, there is a younger toddler room, complete with play-houses, a pirate ship and mini slides. There is a separate snack room where your little can take a break from his/her activities. For between $6 – $10 (price dependent on age), your little can spend a fun filled morning or afternoon. For open play times, please visit Rumble Tumble’s website.

3. Portsmouth Public Library: The Portsmouth Public Library is the perfect place to spend quality time with your little. The library offers a very large children’s area-and an impressive toddler area… complete with hundreds of board books-perfect for those chubby little fingers. When my little and I go to the library, we love to pick out a handful of books to read while we are there, and to take home with us to read throughout the week. With so many electronic devices surrounding us, I really love the quality time the library allows my little and I to have. No distractions from the television, ipad or iphone…. just me, my little and stories that allow us to travel via a little blue truck, party with a giraffe learning to dance or become best friends with a cat and his new white shoes (kudos to the peeps who know the books I’m talking about). The library also has several story times-introducing children from birth through 6 years of age, the wonderful world of books.

4. Blitz Air Park: I’ve personally have been waiting years for a trampoline park to open in Seacoast NH. My best friend lives out west and raves about them. Blitz is a great option if you’re looking to have your little go hog-wild, and get in a little workout yourself. Yes, adults can jump with the toddlers during the designated toddler times (check website for updates). Blitz offers a wide range of activities-including a dodge ball court, basketball court, a GIGANTIC room filled with trampolines-as well as a state of the art arcade. I try to keep the blinders on my little when we go to jump, because I don’t want to have to stand and watch him “ride the motorcycle” video game for an hour. All jumpers must wear Blitz socks. The socks cost $3/pair, the good news is that you can reuse them each time you jump. I find it handy to keep them in our diaper bag or to leave them in the car. Toddler time is $8 for 30 mins, or $12 for 60 minutes for walking age up to 5 years old. A parent can jump with a toddler for FREE. Check out Blitz Air Park’s website for the toddler time schedule.

5. Artastic & Imagination Station: This place gives littles an amazing creative outlet… either through the “Artastic” crafting corner space, or through the “Imagination Station” imaginary play area. Artastic offers a crafting room for kiddos and their parents to work on a wide range of projects-not limited to painting pottery, stuffing plush animals, mosaics, painting… the list goes on. Check out pricing for specific project costs. The imagination station play room includes a puppet show area, veterinary hospital, house, restaurant, fire truck, jungle and even a grocery store. This gives littles the chance to role play-complete with doctor’s coats, fireman hats and cash registers, and let their minds run wild. Admission for open play is $8/child (infants 1 year and under are FREE).

Hopefully these ideas will help you out if you’re stuck at home with a little trying to climb the walls. Follow itsjustbreakfast.wordpress.com for the second part of this series. Lastly, if I ever get my hands on that ground hog who saw his shadow… don’t get me started….


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